Zunaira Azam

Was Vice President of Sports Society for 2 Consecutive Senior year in my Institute, and made a place for Sports in that institution i.e. IBIT.
Was Head of Event management in IBIT as well.

At first i was demotivated to work but i kept doing free-lance for people Saudi Arabia and England, creating business proposals and online marketing for firms.

But then took a step in 2016 January, broke a stereotype of Girl should not be only be aiming to get married, and first worked in OPPO and then Techskippers (Where i had a role of management and online marketing for Games) till 2018 Feb.

From March, 2018. I started up my set up with my best friend in AR, VR and Gaming Field who is Graduate from West Virginia.
As we both aimed in developing Games as well as people to be made aware of the fact that Gaming is a professional career as well as mental mapping.

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