Sajid Khan

He is representing STYLY as a Global Manager in the Middle East, and South Asia region.
Sajid Khan is graduated with the faculty of Computer Science and He started his IT career in 2001 and now he is working on AR/VR sector to give the awareness and growth of Pakistan IT field. He has the experience more than 15 years in different sectors, including Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Auditing, Analytics, Strategy and Policy, Human Resources Management (HRM), and Training. He associates with Pak Japan Cultural Association to learn Japanese Culture and their system success. He has moved to Japan in 2013 to learn the Japanese IT industry and wanted to be the bridge between Japan and Muslim Country to promote the emerging technology. He is working on new technology in Japan from last 5 years such as VR/AR.

About the Speaker
  • Name
    Sajid Khan
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  • Profession
    Global Manager, Middle East & South Asia
  • Company
    Psychic VR Lab
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