Qasif Shahid

My specialization lies in effectively driving change and innovation through the introduction of new-age retail banking products, service and solutions and in making money from future oriented business ventures.

I have been in the industry for close to 20 years now. Part of my experience involves multi-cultural/geographical experience in conceiving, building, marketing, managing and growing digital led payment businesses.

My specialization also stretches into the management and the build-up of supporting delivery channels to these businesses such as ATMs/CDMs, Point-of Sale terminals, E-commerce channels, Call Centers, branch and service center management and in forging cross-industry alliances and in developing winning partnerships with payment associations, technology solution providers, outsourcing entities and in working closely with the regulators.

Additionally, I offer a critical view on micro-finance and the growth potential offered by digitization. I believe that the analog nature of all three touch points of micro finance business case has deprived it of its true potential which can be drastically altered through digitization. Hence, I am currently modifying the business case for micro-finance in two countries – Pakistan and Tanzania. In Pakistan, I am leading the core team under FinJA working in partnership with FINCA Micro-finance Bank in building the FINCA mobile wallet. In Tanzania, I was the lead consultant for the digital strategy for Access Bank. This includes changing the micro-finance business by digitizing the on-boarding, disbursement and lending in both Pakistan and Tanzania.

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