Mudaser Iqbal

Mr. Mudaser Iqbal is a well known Software Developer come Entrepreneur who has got nearly 13 years of versatile experience in IT sector. He has worked at various renowned software houses for more than a decade and is currently heading various IT ventures.

He is one of the leading pioneers of introducing Blockchain Technology in Pakistan. Mr. Mudaser is the Co-Founder and CEO at Blockchain Expert Solutions, an organization dedicated specifically to Blockchain Development.

He has a very vast Blockchain network globally and has matured tremendous sales internationally in terms of number and returns. He has attended various IT conferences as well as delivered speeches as guest speaker.

Apart from being phenomenal in IT industry, he strongly believes in startups and entrepreneurship and is himself actively involved in providing seed funding to emerging ventures. He is an active motivational speaker and has inspired and motivated hundreds and thousands from our young generation. He has got high intellect and is passionate, committed and goal oriented person who never believes in giving up.

About the Speaker
  • Name
    Mudaser Iqbal
  • Event
  • Profession
    CEO | Founder | Blockchain Advisor | Blockchain Expert | Hyperledger | Ethereum | Blockchain Research | Fintech
  • Company
    Blockchain Expert Solutions
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