Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference

Digi Web Summit conducted Blockchain & Cryptocurrency conference. Valued Speakers and participants discussed the opportunities in Blockchain and threats of Cryptocurrency, and key industry verticals with the impact of blockchain technologies on their evolution. Audience was fully active and engaged in interactive session at the event.

Mr. Mudaser Iqbal, Harris Khalid, Noman Chaudhry and other Blockchain experts and business leaders revealed the secrets of digitally utilization of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.

8+ years of experience in sales & marketing of electronic
Mr. Mudaser Iqbal is a well known Software Developer cum
Entrepreneur, Geek & Developer. Insanely passionate
Umar Shafiq is a PhD researcher in Korea Advanced Institute of Science
Head of Digital Marketing Din News & University of South Asia
Dr. Shahid has 37 years’ experience in Public and Private Sector
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Opportunity of professional networking

Job Opportunities

Opportunities to attend Brain Storming sessions

Get to know the new trends of Market

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Make your professional networking more strong

Stay up to date with new researches and upcoming trends in Market

Professional Brain Storming on different case studies

Getting ideas of becoming active entrepreneur

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Opportunity of Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is direct advertising that really increases ROI

Opportunity to turn networking into B2B marketing/deals

Get innovative/ ground breaking ideas to add multiple revenue streams to your business

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Opportunity to present your idea on pitch

Networking with investors

Get guidance from industrial experts which leads toward nourishment

Opportunity to attend awareness session of startup business innovative

Business Visibility

Opportunity to carve new paths for your startups

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  • Start Date
    June 30, 2018 16:00
  • End Date
    June 30, 2018 18:00
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    • Technology
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  • Master of Ceremony
    Sana Mela
    Promotes dialogue and is an agent for entrepreneurship development
  • Our Exhibitor

    This book describes the history of money from ancient time and barter all the way to crypto assets and then dive into technical details of Blockchain, its structure and applications. Further, the book discusses BitCoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Mining, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), International adoption of Crypto Assets, the role of Crypto Economy in today’s world.