AR/VR and esports Conference

Mark Zuckerberg is among the industry insiders predicting that all screens will eventually be replaced by lenses for what the Facebook founder describes as “the ultimate AR/VR experience.”
We expect innovative app designers from universities, startups and IT industry to find out creative ways to incorporate augmented reality and Virtual reality into their products in 2018. Outside of the gaming world, AR and VR both are being used to do things like let customers see what product would look like in various rooms before making a purchase. With camera and display technology improving, AR and VR will become increasingly appealing to users.

In esports exponential growth, it fuels the convergence of various established industries. However, as with any fast-moving market, there are more questions than answers. For brands, agencies, media and entertainment companies it provides a rare opportunity to connect with a highly engaged global audience in a unique environment.

This is the must-attend event presented by Digi Web Summit on 18th Aug, 2018 for film/television/digital content/gaming industry executives, CTO, consumer electronics companies, advertising agencies, brands, social media channels, and other business leaders who has thirst to reach the new horizons of 3D world.

  • AR/VR Products

  • Was Vice President of Sports Society for 2 Consecutive Senior
    He is representing STYLY as a Global Manager in the Middle East
    Business Data Analysis and Strategic Market Planning, two core
    An AR/VR evangelist with the experience of working with reputed
    Expert opinion on the impact of Digital Technologies on Human
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    Opportunity of professional networking

    Job Opportunities

    Opportunities to attend Brain Storming sessions

    Get to know the new trends of Market

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    Make your professional networking more strong

    Stay up to date with new researches and upcoming trends in Market

    Professional Brain Storming on different case studies

    Getting ideas of becoming active entrepreneur

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    Opportunity of Brand Marketing

    Brand Marketing is direct advertising that really increases ROI

    Opportunity to turn networking into B2B marketing/deals

    Get innovative/ ground breaking ideas to add multiple revenue streams to your business

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    Opportunity to present your idea on pitch

    Networking with investors

    Get guidance from industrial experts which leads toward nourishment

    Opportunity to attend awareness session of startup business innovative

    Business Visibility

    Opportunity to carve new paths for your startups

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